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  • Online car auctions

    November 28th 2018
    Online car auctions

    Vehicles aren’t exactly cheap to own. The fact they depreciate in value at a fast rate doesn’t help much either. Still, the promise of convenience and ease of mobility makes it impossible for many to avoid car ownership. The rising popularity of the u…

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  • How much can you expect to save buying at car auctions?

    October 28th 2018
    car auction showroom

    Buying a new car is a huge investment. Prices of cars keep depreciating and if you aren’t exactly rich, the decision to buy a new car is more questionable when you consider the facts. This single factor makes the used car market appealing to savvy buyer…

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  • How many cars are sold at auction each year in Australia?

    September 11th 2018
    How many cars are sold at auction each year in Australia?

    How many cars are sold at auction each year in Australia The used car market is rapidly expanding. A tremendous growth in the market has been recorded over the past few years. The volume of the Australian used car market is currently estimated at over 3.…

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  • Motor Dealer Auctions

    August 24th 2018
    motor dealer auctions

    Motor dealer only car auctions As motor dealers know, car auctions are the easiest way to buy wholesale stock, but not all auctions look after motor dealers only by preventing non-dealers from bidding. Dealerships are always looking to add to their veh…

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  • Shannons Car Auctions

    July 30th 2018
    Shannon car auction

    Shannons… the perfect destination for motoring enthusiasts Classics are so irreplaceable that enthusiasts often find themselves asking why these beauties were removed from the market in the first place. But that’s the whole point with classics, isn…

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  • The Complete Guide To Buying A Car At Auction

    June 14th 2018
    live car auction

    The used car market is always a great option for the prospective car buyer to save a lot of money. Used car dealerships and private-sellers are the obvious sources for used vehicles. Potential buyers may have worries about attending vehicle auctions for s…

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  • Pickles & Gosford Classic Car Museum Ultimate Sydney Classic Car Auction

    May 24th 2018
    Gosford classic car auction

    2018 Sydney Pickles and Gosford Classic Car Museum Ultimate Car Auction It’s back by popular demand! The 2018 Sydney Ultimate Classic Car Auction, being held by Pickles and Gosford Classic Car Museum this Saturday the 26th of May 2018 at Pickles Belmo…

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  • Buying at Classic Car Auctions

    April 22nd 2018
    classic car auction

    A guide to buying a classic car at auction The modern automotive market has come a long way. There are diverse models of cars around with amazing designs, sophisticated features and an equally diverse range of engines and functionalities. The modern car…

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  • How to Buy Repossessed Cars at Car Auctions: Tips to Buy Repo Cars

    March 20th 2018
    repo car auctions

    Repossessed Car Auctions Compared to a purchase from a dealer or private seller, buying repossessed cars through auction involves different processes and things to consider. Here’s a complete guide to protecting yourself from surprise issues you may en…

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  • What Does No Reserve Mean at a Car Auction?

    February 22nd 2018
    no reserve car auction

    What does reserve mean in an auction? When it comes to auctions, a reserve is the lowest price a seller will accept for their vehicle. Prior to the auction, the seller will confirm their reserve price with the auctioneer. This price will not be made publ…

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  • Buying at Ex Government Car Auctions

    January 23rd 2018
    Ex Government Car Auctions

    Buying vehicles at auctions is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Purchasing from auctions is the best way to get the great deal. However, before bidding at an auction, it’s important to understand how everything works. Here are useful governme…

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  • Things To Know About Roadside Assistance

    November 7th 2017
    roadside assistance

    Roadside Assistance is peace of mind when behind the steering wheel Roadside Assistance is more than just breakdown cover, it covers all kinds of car-related mishaps that can occur while driving your car. When you pre-purchase Roadside Assitance it come…

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  • How Many Vehicles Can You Buy?

    October 2nd 2017
    A showroom full of classic cars

    In Australia, you can buy cars from auto auctions, car dealers or from private sellers. If you buy, trade or sell vehicles, there are some rules you need to follow. Each states rules will slightly vary, but if you plan on selling cars for a living you w…

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  • How to Buy a Used Car Online

    September 26th 2017
    An online car sales website displayed on a laptop

    Over the years the internet has shifted the way people operate and altered the nature of various traditional consumer habits. Buying a used car once meant that you had to traverse some used car lots to get a feel of what you would like to purchase. It w…

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  • What to Expect

    September 4th 2017
    A show room full of classic cars

    Car auctions provide used car buyers with an alternative to dealerships and private sellers. Vehicle auctions are worth considering for the average buyer looking to get a great deal. As a prospective buyer, you can reflect on both sides of the divide to…

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  • Registration

    August 28th 2017
    A woman holding a sign that reads “Register now!”

    Register the Bid The registration process is required before placing any bids at auction. Registering to bid is entirely free, but you must begin by filling out a “Buyer Registration Card”. The card is made available at the main foyer. Always take…

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  • Who Can Buy from Automotive Auctions?

    July 28th 2017
    A human silhouette with a question mark over the face

    Vehicle auctions are amazing places for people to go to pick up a car, bike or boat for the best deal. People can visit the auto auctions whether they are dealers who want to make a profit or regular people who just want to grab a bargain. Here is some…

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  • Picking Up Your New Car

    July 11th 2017
    A car carrier driving along a long country road

    Buying cars from an auction is a great way to get a deal on a used vehicle and can help you find the car of your dreams that you never expected for a given price. Whether bidding at a vintage, classic or regular used car auction used car auction, you ne…

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  • Fees and Charges

    June 26th 2017
    Fees and Charges

    Before jumping into buying a car, bike or boat at auto auctions, or for that matter anywhere in Australia, you should be aware of all purchase and post purchase costs involved to avoid blowing your budget Making a Deposit The first of the car auction…

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  • Checklist For Buying A Used Car at Auction

    June 1st 2017
    A picture of a auto auction rules

    New cars cost an arm and a leg, with the resale price plummeting the second you drive it. The rate of depreciation in Australia on used vehicles is very high, for these reasons buying a used car is a practical, and wise option for most car buyers. If yo…

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  • REVS Certificates and Encumbrances

    May 11th 2017
    Two dark cars

    What Is a PPSR Certificate Up until recently PPSR certificates were called REVS certificates, thus many people still continue to call it a REVS check. A PPSR certificate is a vehicle check performed using the vehicle identification number (VIN). REVS…

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  • How To Buy A Car At Auction

    March 27th 2017
    The show floor of a car auction

    How Car Auctions Work 1. Register for the Auction - To participate in an auction, you must register for it. You’ll be asked for your Australian driver’s license. If you’re buying on the behalf of another person, you’ll be asked for proof of aut…

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