Which Vehicles Sell at Car Auctions?

November 10th 2019

When it’s time to upgrade to a new car, you’ll commonly find the previous model being auctioned. If you’re familiar with car auctions you’ll know what we are talking about. Auto auctions are a great place to get a range of vehicles at well below market price, but you’ll find more than just cars at local and online auctions…

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Used vehicles

Occasionally you’ll get new vehicles from a closing down car dealership or hail storm clearance, but for the most part auto auctions will consist of used vehicles. At auto auctions you can expect to find a range of everyday cars, rare vintage classics, bikes, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, trailers, motorhomes, caravans, trucks, commercial utes and more. It all depends on the nature of the auction centre. Most people take part in an auction because they can get a better deal than buying privately.

Motor dealer trade ins

We all know that dealerships trade-in cars, but most people don’t know what happens next. In some cases they resell vehicles themselves, but more often they need to be sold wholesale to recoup the money because the new stock isn’t relevant to their dealership. Without taking the trade-in, the dealer won’t be able to sell a new car, making the deal fall through.

Should someone want to trade-in a new Toyota at BMW or visa versa, the dealership would not sell the brand being traded, so they would need to sell the vehicle at auction. At this point, a member of the public can access dealer wholesale stock at a heavily reduced prices from local auto auctions.

Salvaged Vehicles

Have you ever wondered what happens to crashed cars? Well, these vehicles are sent to salvage car auctions and sold for a fraction of the original price. Once a vehicle is involved in an accident and written off, you can purchase it for parts or to restore from damaged vehicle auctions.

In some states of Australia they have banned Repairable Write-Offs from ever being reregistered. Other vehicles deemed damaged beyond repair and are Statuary Write-Offs with no chance of ever being registered again in any state of Australia. These cars also include flood damaged or chassis-affected accidents. Some choose to buy these vehicles for race track only events, or to be used on a farm.

At an auction, people who are looking for parts are eagerly searching for crashed vehicles so they can get a certain part for an extremely low price. For example, a person who needs a replacement engine for their vehicle can find one in a crashed car for less than the cost to buy a second hand engine.

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Ex-government and impounded vehicles

As you can imagine, ex-government and impounded auctions are some of the most popular. With no emotional attachment, vehicles can be auctioned for unbelievably low prices just to clear space for the next week’s stock. If this is something of interest, you can read more about Ex-Government Auto Auctions and Impounded Auto Auctions, or find Important Information Before Buying at Auto Auctions in Australia.

Remember, at an auction, there are unlimited possibilities and options.

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