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Find out more about car auctions in your local area. We have Australia-wide used car auctions and everything you need to know before purchasing at auto auctions.

When looking to buy at auction most people don’t know where to start. Car auctions are a great way to get a bargain, but there are some dos and don’ts you need to know prior to investing your hard-earned cash.

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Shannons summer classic

Shannons Melbourne Summer Classic Auction 2019

September 25th 2019
Public car auction

Public Car Auctions

August 30th 2019
Car auctions Brisbane

Brisbane Car Auctions

July 26th 2019
Abandoned car auctions Dubai

Abandoned Car Auctions Dubai

June 26th 2019
Shannons Autumn Classic Auction

Shannons Autumn Classic Auction

May 28th 2019
Gosford classic car museum auction

Gosford Classic Car Museum Auction

April 30th 2019
Impounded car

Impound Auto Auctions

March 31st 2019
American car auctions

American Car Auctions

February 18th 2019
car auction information

Car Auction Information

January 30th 2019
Japanese car auctions

Japanese Car Auctions

December 31st 2018
Online Car Auctions

Online Car Auctions

November 28th 2018
car auction showroom

How much can you expect to save buying at car auctions?

October 28th 2018
How many cars are sold at auction each year in Australia?

How many cars are sold at auction each year in Australia?

September 11th 2018
motor dealer auctions

Motor Dealer Auctions

August 24th 2018
Shannon car auction

Shannons Car Auctions

July 30th 2018
live car auction

The Complete Guide To Buying A Car At Auction

June 14th 2018
Gosford classic car auction

Pickles & Gosford Classic Car Museum Ultimate Sydney Classic Car Auction

May 24th 2018
classic car auction

Buying at Classic Car Auctions

April 22nd 2018
repo car auctions

How to Buy Repossessed Cars at Car Auctions: Tips to Buy Repo Cars

March 20th 2018
no reserve car auction

What Does No Reserve Mean at a Car Auction?

February 22nd 2018
Ex Government Car Auctions

Buying at Ex Government Car Auctions

January 23rd 2018
roadside assistance

Things To Know About Roadside Assistance

November 7th 2017
A showroom full of classic cars

How Many Vehicles Can You Buy?

October 2nd 2017
An online car sales website displayed on a laptop

How to Buy a Used Car Online

September 26th 2017
A show room full of classic cars

What to Expect

September 4th 2017
A woman holding a sign that reads “Register now!”


August 28th 2017
A human silhouette with a question mark over the face

Who Can Buy from Automotive Auctions?

July 28th 2017
A car carrier driving along a long country road

Picking Up Your New Car

July 11th 2017
Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

June 26th 2017
A picture of a auto auction rules

Checklist For Buying A Used Car at Auction

June 1st 2017
Two dark cars

REVS Certificates and Encumbrances

May 11th 2017
The show floor of a car auction

How To Buy A Car At Auction

March 27th 2017
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