Luxury Car Auctions Australia

October 7th 2020

Finding exotic, prestige and luxury cars can be difficult, and trying to buy them is even more challenging. Fortunately for all of us, Australia regularly holds special luxury car auctions throughout the year.

Luxury car auction Australia

Purchasing from luxury cars auctions

We all have an idea of what a luxury car looks like. Some think of a BMW, Mercedes Benz or Tesla, others a Ferrari or Roles Royce. At the end of the day, most prestige brand cars are incredible to own and drive. Prestige auctions include a selection of all brands, with prices ranging from the tens of thousands well into the millions.

Viewing cars at luxury auctions

As you can expect, luxury cars should be treated delicately, and when it comes to auctions this is no exception. Most luxury auctions will limit your ability to touch or start prestige vehicles, and they usually have barriers between the public and the vehicles to prevent accidental damage. In saying this, you can still easily view the vehicles in person or visit the auction website to get the best information and photos from in and around the vehicle.

Fees and charges for buying at luxury car auctions

Depending on the auction, the fees you’re expected to pay will vary. As every company is different, we recommend checking their website or contacting the auction centre to learn the buyers and sellers fees. You may need to place a deposit prior to bidding, while watching will not require any security payment. We recommend getting any deposits in early, just in case they need time to clear.

Prestige auto auction

Main events

You will see special events popup from time to time all over Australia, but for the most part, Sydney and Melbourne Pickles, Manheim and Shannons hold marketshare when it comes to luxury auctions. You will also find a selection of luxury cars in regular auctions, but these are most commonly models from BMW and Mercedes Benz. This is to say that it’s worth keeping your eyes open and looking around before making a purchase.

This month’s event

Pickles Sydney Luxury Car Auction will be held on Monday, October 12 at 6pm AEDT. With 50 exceptional vehicles with makes including Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and even a Mustang. Almost every car is black or white, with exception of the Ferrari, of course. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, the auction is being held exclusively online. Viewings can be made by appointment, with a maximum of 2 viewers.

Should luxury, exotic or sports car auctions grab your attention, we recommend checking out Mecum Auctions for some of the world’s best vehicles going under the hammer.

To find for your local auto auction, search the Australian auction timetable.

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