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Any experienced buyer knows that if you’re looking to get the best deal on your next car, auto auctions are the place to start.​ And understanding the process of buying used cars, bikes and boats at auction is the key to getting a bargain and not paying through the teeth in extras.

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I have bought my last two cars at auction, after previously struggling to get a good deal buying a used car. I would highly recommend buying at auction for the savvy price buyer.

Micheal Peterson

Brisbane QLD
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My boyfriend advised me to buy my new car from auction as I would get the best deal. It has been a great car and after two years is still valued at more than what I bought it for, am very pleased.

Sarah Kemmis

Adelaide SA
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I was nervous about buying from action for the first time. The auction house was very helpful and would definitely buy through auction again.

Rachael Pratt

Sydney NSW
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In the past I always bought my cars privately, thinking I was getting the best deal. A friend of mine suggested the car auctions which I was a bit skeptical about. After watching a couple of auctions online I decided to buy at auction and have never looked back.

Terry Little

Geelong VIC
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