Commercial Truck, Machinery and Industrial Auctions

May 31st 2020

Commercial Truck, Machinery and Industrial Auctions Australia

Public auctions for commercial trucks, industrial and machinery are held regularly throughout the year in Australia. Sellers want the fastest way to sell, so buyers can get the best deals, especially when there is limited interest at the time of purchase.

Industrial auctions Australia

Being a high cost item, it’s wise do your research first before jumping into one of the biggest investments of your life. Second-hand auctions will hold anything from used trucks, commercial cars, mining, general transport, vans, earth moving, plant equipment, farming and agriculture, ex lease, ex government or private company assets and much more. If you require finance but haven’t already applied, note that many Australian auction centers offer in house financing options. Depending on the auctions and seller, vehicles will be listed as tender, fixed price, or as a lot in a live auction. Commercial vehicles can also be offered onsite in some cases, instead of at the auction center itself.

Fees and charges vary depending on a few different things, so we recommend you double check online or at the auction to confirm any buyers or admin fees, plus shipping cost prior to purchasing. These fees are commonly reflected on the vehicle price using a percentage. The price of truck shipping can massively vary depending on the company and type of vehicle, so before booking delivery make sure you get a few quotes to be sure you’re not paying through the roof for the same result.

Special event auctions for once-off clearance may also be advised from time-to-time. This could be due to a major project finishing, or a company going into liquidation to clear all its assets. From time-to-time a new commercial vehicle dealer will go bankrupt, meaning you will occasionally see brand new trucks being placed under the hammer.

No Reserve Truck Auctions

Some auctions will include no reserve vehicles that must be cleared the day of auctions. These no reserve vehicles can be snapped up for bargain prices, especially when competition is limited at the auction on that day. It’s worth keeping a sharp eye out for any no reserve clearance auctions, even if you’re not intending to buy at that moment.

Online commercial truck, industrial and machinary auctions Australia

Commercial Truck Salvage Auctions

Trucks like any vehicle may fall into the salvage or wrecking category for commercial auctions. This may include engine or structural damage not deemed cost effective to repair by the insurance company. In which case, these vehicles will be sold for next to nothing making parts available for others. Should you have the right people to help out, damaged commercial vehicles can save from thousands into the hundreds of thousands vs buying new or ready to use vehicles.

Online Commercial Vehicle Auctions Australia

Online auctions have been available for many years now, allowing long distance buyers to purchase from any location. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world operates and so to stay safe, it is better to avoid crowded places. Fortunately, almost all the auction houses conduct auctions for private and commercial vehicles online. All you have to do is go online, register, and start placing your offer on the day of the auction in the hopes that you get your dream truck.

Major locations for physical commercial and truck auctions are Geelong and Melbourne VIC, Wagga Wagga, Armadale, Dubbo, Newcastle and Sydney NSW, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and Brisbane QLD, Kalgoorlie Perth WA, Mount Gambier and Adelaide SA, Canberra ACT, Hobart TAS, Alice Springs and Darwin NT.

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