Where To Buy The Cheapest Used Cars in Australia?

July 23rd 2020

Best place to buy a second-hand car

One of the biggest questions when buying a second-hand vehicle in Australia has always been, where do I find the best-priced used cars?

Online car auctions

As we all know, dealerships give you next to nothing for trade-in, thinking they are going make a million dollars on selling it. The truth is, most vehicles that dealerships trade-in are sent to auto auctions. New car dealers are focused on selling brand new vehicles and most of the time just take the traded vehicle to cover deposit and finance approval for the new car. The second biggest question is, what happens with your old car?

What happens to dealer trade-ins?

When a car, 4WD, motorcycle, boat, caravan, motorhome, trailer, etc gets traded in, the dealer needs to move on this stock ASAP to regain the cash spent on the purchase for internal cashflow. This means the car needs to be sold in the shortest possible time—like a fire sale. The vehicle will be wholesaled out and, in most cases, sold via auction. These vehicles are not offered of Carsales, Gumtree or Facebook marketplace as the auction is not a private seller or retail car dealership. Dealership wholesale is non-emotional and looking to clear in the fastest possible way, giving savvy buyers the advantage to purchase for the lowest possible price.

Can the public buy dealer wholesale from car auctions?

Good news, yes, the public can access dealer wholesale from car auctions in Australia! Back in day these auctions were dealer only wholesale, but over the past years this has changed to allow the public to access these vehicles as well. Private car buyers and ABN holders can purchase wholesale cars direct without the need to hire a buying agent, and this mean getting the best possible price on their next vehicle.

Auto auctions Melbourne

Cheapest second-hand cars near me

Should you be in a capital city, you’ll find a range of different auction centers nearby. Depending on your location outside heavily populated areas you may find local popup auctions or a single car auction location nearby. For more information on locations and auction times, search out Car Auction Timetable for weekly events.

Best priced cars online

Should you not want to travel long distance, most auction houses in Australia have an online bidding option. Our main advice with purchasing online is, should the vehicle be a few years old, it is best to physically view prior to bidding as condition reports are perception what is considered for the vehicle age, meaning what you consider excellent used condition for age may be different to another person’s perception.

Car Auction Warranty

As with most auctions in the world, you purchase vehicles in as-is condition, with no guarantees. Should the vehicle have factory warranty, this will still apply. Should the vehicle be outside the terms of OEM warranty, the vehicle will be sold in its current condition with no exception unless the auction centre states otherwise.

How much can I save on a car at auction?

There is no exact price you will save on every vehicle as no two cars are the same. Car auctions are well below the price of purchasing privately, and thousands below retail dealerships. The higher the price of the vehicle, the more you can expect to save ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Car auctions Sydney

Australia’s best priced cars in one place

Car auctions for car dealers are a very standard practice, but for the public can be a bit daunting at first. We recommend you visit and watch a few auctions at first to get the feel of how everything works.

If you’re new to auto auctions, you can find more important information about buying at car auctions in Australia.

Or search for your local car auctions.

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