Adelaide Timetable

Our SA motor auction timetables include all the local public car auctions, as well as, dealer motor auctions in South Australia. Auction centres across SA are based on cars, but also contain bikes, boats, jet skis, trucks, trailers, motorhomes, caravans, and more.

In the car auction timetable we list auctions that occur weekly, as well as those that occur on a specifc date, and in a specific suburb.

There may be one off auctions days beyond the auction timetable. Some auctions are also restricted to motor dealers only. For more information about each auto auction, please contact the car auction centre directly.

Online Auctions Group actively update you with the latest news and information about buying used vehicles for sale at car auctions in Adelaide. Each week we update the car auction SA calendar with the latest upcoming car auctions and special events.

Top auction specialists in South Australia are below;

1. Pickels Auctions SA

2. Bennets Classic Auctions

3. Carnet Auctions

4. Universal Motor Auctions

5. Manheim Auctions South Australia

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