Brisbane Car Auctions

July 26th 2019

Brisbane Car Auctions

If you live in Brisbane and you’re looking for the best deal, you can’t go past Brisbane car auctions. Endlessly searching through Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or Carsales to find a decent vehicle can be frustrating and time consuming. Brisbane is one of the best locations in Australia for car auctions. If you haven’t already visited an auction centre in Brisbane, you’ll be amazed to find all the best priced vehicles all in one place. Think of an auction centre as a clearance outlet, when you want something sold fast, you ask the market how much are they willing to pay. Government and fleet companies don’t have time to mess around with selling vehicles privately, so they run them through auctions to get multiple offers and an instant sale.

Car auctions Brisbane

Auctions are quite the experience, exciting and fun places to get yourself a car at a heavily discounted price. You get to see a number of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, then get the heart racing once bidding starts, and the results can be very surprising. You get to learn a lot about cars in a short amount of time. Moreover, you don’t have the added pressure of a dealing with people directly trying to convince you this is the best car in Australia, it’s just raw facts.

Auctions are held throughout the year on different dates by various auction houses, so you get many chances in a year to test your luck. Keep in mind, like buying anything there is a few things you should know before buying at auctions in Australia. If you are new to auto auctions, have a quick read through our buying cars at auction information.

What Happens Before Bidding?

So, you have made up your mind about going to purchase through an auction. You’ll need to register at the auction centre you’re looking at purchasing from. We highly recommend you inspect the vehicles prior to bidding, just to make sure it’s what your looking for and in the condition you expect. Vehicle reports will be listed on the dashboard or windscreen with more details about features and spec information listed on the website. Don’t leave things to the last minute as all bids are final, meaning once you have bid and won the vehicle, it’s yours.

What to expect on auction day?

On auction day there will be a large amount of other people at auction looking to buy various vehicles. It’s best to not concentrate on just 1 vehicle as it may be the most popular vehicle and reach a price higher than you’re willing to pay. Keeping in mind, on a quiet day you might just grab that same gem for a fraction of the retail price. On the day of the auction, you can bid in person, bids can also be made over the telephone as well as online, so you have flexibility.

Brisbane car auction

Brisbane Auto Auction Locations

City Motor Auction Group Eagle Farm

The largest independent auction centre in Brisbane. You can buy cars, bikes, ex-government, police repossessed vehicles, vintage cars and more. Public auctions are held each Saturday at 10am and vehicles can be viewed from Monday to Friday. Auctioning vehicles for almost 30 years, City look after motor dealers and the public, selling hundreds of vehicles with low fees every week.

Central Auto Auctions Eagle Farm

Central are Queensland’s oldest independent auction centre. Started in 1977, Central are a motor dealer only auction centre. With low buyers fees and great customer service, they sell cars at prices that can vary from $100 to over $100,000.

Nasco Auctioneers Eagle Farm

If you’re looking for commercial vehicles at auction, Brisbane Nasco auctions is the place to be. They always have a great selection of trucks, utes and machinery to meet all your commercial needs. Find upcoming auction information on the website.

Manheim Eagle Farm

American auction megastore Manheim at Eagle Farm hold weekly auctions for both the public and dealers. Concentrating on cars, they have the largest range of fleet and government vehicles in Brisbane. You can also purchase online through buy it now or online bidding.

Pickles Geebung

Pickles was established in 1964 by local Australian, Peter Pickles. The Pickles chain now covers most major locations across Australia. With the best grading system and quality control, Pickles Geebung allows you to buy through live auctions or on PicklesGO for buy it now. Everything from luxury, prestige / classic cars to government, fleet and repossessed car auctions.

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